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Artificial Hedge Mat Assembly & Installation Recommendations

Assembly (No tools required)

1Observe the direction of the foliage.

      - Boxwood & Fern: Multi directional

      - Ivy & Lavender: Follow direction of foliage

2. Connect panels together using the snap-to-lock system.

3. For simple and quick installation, form strips 2 panels wide by the desired height.


12 pcs. 20" x 20" Green Hedge Grass - Wall Decoration

  • Our 20" x 20" Green Hedge Grass Wall Decoration Why is different than others? It is made with great materials. It is strong, durable and sturdy.  

    The panels are made of Polyethylene with 4 layer Milan Grass, strong and easy to install, UV Protection Privacy for Indoor and Outdoor. Weddings, Airbnb's, Commercial and Residential applications. It's easy to assemble and creates a stunning look, making it a great choice for any space ensuring a long-lasting, attractive addition to any environment. With this beautiful green wall decoration, you can transform any space into a lush, inviting oasis.  

    Each box has 12 panels and 40 cable tie and instructions.

    Note: The display in the picture has two boxes with 24 panels. 

    You can add as many panels as you need: 

    12 panels will fill an area of hight 5 ft x width  6.6 ft

    20 panels will fill an area of hight 8.4 ft x  width 6.11 ft

    Garland, pink decorations and neon light sold separate.


  • This product deliver time is 5 to 10 days with standard shipping within United Estates - Free delivery


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